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70-year-old Taco Bell employee receives a tip of US $ 6,000 from the community: “Your mind is just magical”

Taco Bell employee in Florida just got the Christmas surprise of his life.

On Friday, Joe DeCicco, who has worked at a Taco Bell in South Daytona for the past two decades, was presented with a check for $6,095 — a gift that had started at $50 before more people pitched in to thank “Taco Bell Joe” for his years of brightening their day at the fast food restaurant.

After being voted favorite employee in a Facebook group dedicated to “foodie reviews” in the area, DeCicco was presented with the check on Friday by the group’s admin Tricia Phillippi, according to Newsweek. She also shared clips of the emotional moment to Facebook.

Said DeCicco in one of the videos, “It’s my customers that I owe this to. They bring out the best in me. It’s them. I couldn’t do it without your help.”


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