F1 title rivals’ war of words too much, says Seidl

Horner was called to see the stewards after Losail’s race because he found a so -called squatter, which he accused of displaying yellow flags on a merit, for which Max Verstappen was sentenced to a felony. .
The FIA ​​made it clear that it could not accept those complaints from its officers, and Horner apologized for his words, both in secret and later in public through the media.

Horner admitted that his comments were published under competitive force when his team was in a close battle with Mercedes for the F1 title.

These are the latest details of the shootout between Horner and Mercedes owner Toto Wolff while inspecting their team.

But while Seidl agrees that soaping away is part of F1’s pull, he thinks there’s a limit to his team’s best when it comes to speaking.

“Looking at everything that’s going on right now, it’s clear that a lot of things are at risk,” Seidl said when asked.

“It never has been.

“But I think some of the information we’ve seen in the last few weeks is definitely not something I can imagine coming to us in a situation like this.

“I think it’s very important, and it doesn’t matter if you fight for the win or the latter to respect your competitors, FIA and F1.

“We’re together and it’s important to respect the volunteers who will ultimately help us organize these competitions over the weekends.”

F1 race director Michael Masi said after the race in Qatar, he warned officials of Marshal Horner’s remarks before the race.

Masi explained that he could never accept criticism of safety judges who were doing their job to protect drivers.

“I don’t think you should attack anyone, especially when there are thousands of volunteers around the world who are wasting so much time around the world,” he said.

“Without them, this game would not have been possible, which is so close to everyone’s hearts, and they spend all their time.

“I will protect all volunteers and all officials on all sports around the world [and I emphasize] this is not acceptable.”

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