Ohlins Offers New Suspension Options For Yamaha YZF-R7

Original Gold meets BLU cRU.
When the Yamaha YZF-R7 was released in May 2021, skeptics wrote it off as the MT-07. Although Team Blue admitted that it never intended to replace the recently discontinued R6 super sport with the R7, the brand adapted the bare wheel to a special sports bike. With an aggressive driving position, a steeper rake and a stiffer frame, the R7 is a track-worthy machine.

Some disparagers may ridicule the Model 74 over horsepower, but direct speed doesn’t always win on the racetrack. Equally important is maneuverability, and the updated geometry of the supertwin helps to circulate easily on this track. Owners, track riders and racers can now enhance the R7’s fast handling with state-of-the-art Ohlins suspension.

For the front, Swedish suspension specialists offer a NIX30 fork cartridge set. The drop-in option allows users to use the R7 spare fork tubes for savings and easy installation. Fully adjustable suspension allows users to select rebound damping, pressure and spring preload according to individual tracks, road conditions or driving style. Ohlins also offers the NIX30 kit with a wide range of spring rates to accommodate heavier and lighter riders.

At the rear, the Ohlins STX 46 hypersport shock absorber offers enough comfort for everyday round-trip travel and ample response to moody track sessions. The high-pressure gas mono shock benefits from a reservoir connected to a hose, and customers can choose a remote-controlled hydraulic preload regulator. The wheel above the end of the lower eye provides rebound damping control, while the discs in the reservoir help the occupants to fine-tune the compression.

The NIX30 fork cartridge set retails for $ 1,150 (oil, springs and mounting tools are sold separately) and the STX 46 shock absorber is $ 1,100. Ohlins’ new offerings are also part of Yamaha’s GYTR accessories catalog. In addition to premium suspension, R7 riders can complement the supertwin with track-oriented components such as the Akraprovic exhaust pipe and steel braided brake pipes.

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