This RV For Sale Was Once The Fastest Motorhome In The World

This is also a beautiful Chinook motorhome.
Motorhomes are generally unremarkable for their straight-line performance, but here’s a chance to own the fastest in the world, at least by 1998 standards. That year this Chinook VR set a speed record. on the ground in its class at the Bonneville Salt Flats at 99.776 miles per hour (160.57 kilometers per hour).

The Chinook uses a Ford E-350 as its base, and the Blue Oval’s Triton V10 is under the hood. The platform is currently for sale on eBay. The auction ends on November 22 and there is no auction as of this date. The starting price is $ 30,000 with a reserve not yet met and a buy-it-now cost of $ 40,000.

To achieve the speed record, the team removed everything that was unnecessary from the vehicle, including the roof air conditioner and water tanks. A roll bar in the cabin protected the driver.

After setting the record, a restaurant put all the removed equipment back into the motorhome. The seller says there are only 73,000 miles (117,482 kilometers) on it.

This Chinook is eye-catching due to its white body with bold orange stripes that transition to a purple hue on the back. There is a small scoop on the hood and the grille has orange accents that match the stripes. Sponsor decals also decorate the body.

Inside, this motorhome has all the amenities you would expect. There is a long sofa against a wall, and there is a table with two benches on the other side. A kitchenette with hob, sink and fridge occupies the rear part. The bathroom has a shower and toilet.

The owner has owned this motorhome for 17 years and has used it for trips. The auction listing reports that it is going through a recent overhaul. Judging from the photos, the rig appears to be in good shape and comes with a fantastic story to tell people.

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