Rocker Courtney Love wants flowers from Olivia Rodrigo after the “drivers license” singer shared a familiar prom-themed photo on social media.

After the former Disney Channel star posted a photo of herself as the prom queen, wearing a tiara, striped mascara and holding a bouquet of dead flowers, to promote her upcoming concert movie “Sour Prom” on Wednesday , Love noted the resemblance to the iconic cover of his 1994 Hole album, “Live Through This.”

“Since I never got to go to prom, I wanted to have a little prom with my favorite person (you guys obviously),” Rodrigo, 18, wrote on Twitter and Instagram, adding that the concert film opens on Tuesday in Youtube.

Captioning the photos with a knife emoji, there were shadows of Stephen King’s prom horror queen, “Carrie.”
But Love, 56, unleashed her own shadow on social media, reposting Rodrigo’s photo and tagging the Disney star. “Find the difference! #Twinning,” Love wrote in her post.

Rodrigo commented on the Love post, writing: “I love you and ‘Live Through This’ very much.”

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The Garbage band’s official Instagram account, headed by Shirley Manson, endorsed Love and commented on her post: “You did better, honey. Always and forever.”

In follow-up comments on social media, Love claimed that Rodrigo and his label Geffen had atrociously borrowed, without permission, Ellen von Unwerth’s photo of model Leilani Bishop holding a bouquet of flowers wearing the prom queen’s tiara, mascara running down her face.

“She was rude on the part of her, and geffen didn’t ask me or Ellen von unwerth. It’s happened my entire career, so i.d.c. But manners are manners,” Love said.

“I’m either very nice or don’t say anything. But this was in a bad way,” Love added. “That’s not intimidation or bomb throwing. This person’s music has nothing to do with my life. It probably never will. It was rude and I have every right to defend my work.”

Love also addressed the resemblance to the Sissy Spacek character in director Brian de Palma’s 1976 horror classic “Carrie” when she said she expected an apology from Rodrigo.

“I asked her for flowers and a note, you’re right. It’s rude that they don’t ask me. I know Ellen von unwerth doesn’t like it,” Love wrote before adding: “And just to clarify? The Palma classic ‘Carrie’ is something else. My cover was my original idea. Something you might have to live your life to acquire? I don’t know. ”

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“Courtney Love called me,” von Unwerth is quoted as saying. “We were on the phone for an hour. I didn’t say much, but I listened, and Courtney had the idea to recreate the scene from the movie Carrie (1976), which I also loved.”

Nonetheless, Love pointed out to Rodrigo the floral path through which to make amends in writing.

“Olivia, you’re welcome,” Love responded to Rodrigo’s comment on Instagram. “My favorite florist is in Notting Hill, London! Damn it! I look forward to reading your note!”

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