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Trump’s legal department expects charges against the company in the next few days

Ronald Fischetti, an attorney who represents former President Trump to the New York prosecutor’s office during his shutdown, expects the Manhattan prosecutor to bring charges against Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, in the next few days, however, told CBS News Don’t expect accusations against the former president himself.

During a virtual meeting with prosecutors last Thursday morning, Fischetti said he had Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. for details of the allegations that are under investigation.

“I specifically asked, ‘Are these allegations related to Donald Trump?’ And the answer was no,” Fischetti told CBS News on Tuesday.

The Trump Organization legal department believes the company is being prosecuted for tax offenses related to alleged failure to pay taxes on company benefits and services, including cars and residential buildings made available to employees.

“They didn’t use the word ‘fringe benefits’ or anything like that, but they did claim that some high-ranking people in the Trump organization had been given inappropriate benefits,” Fischetti said.

During the meeting last Thursday, prosecutors left Trump and his company’s attorneys with the clear impression that they wanted to continue the allegations in the coming days, possibly this week. The decision to prosecute the company itself – instead of the company’s employees – can induce public prosecutors to demand changes at company level or to impose fines as part of a settlement settlement.

New York attorney general examines Trump criminals’ abilities
Trump Tower on May 19, 2021 in New York City.
Trump Organization attorneys plan to dismiss the case immediately in court if a grand jury charges indictments, according to those familiar with the defense team’s legal strategy. The Legal Department believes that the threat of law enforcement to the Trump Organization is disproportionate to the alleged wrongdoing, and believes prosecutors may not be able to prove that corporate executives – including the former president – are specific Had knowledge of wrong performance by employees.

“The prosecutor has had all these years to thoroughly conduct this investigation from start to finish,” Fischetti told CBS News. He later added, “And what they came up with is this allegation that they told us that it would benefit some anonymous employees. For cars, homes and I don’t know what else.”

Fischetti added that he believes the prosecution has “no evidence at all” to show that the Trump Organization was involved in “this minimal tax evasion of individuals” that has never been prosecuted and never charged by the IRS.

“We want to win,” said Fischetti.

Keir Dougall, a CBS News legal assistant and former federal attorney, said it was difficult for Trump Organization attorneys to convince a court to reject the potential allegations on the grounds that such charges were rare.

“Let’s say these allegations are rarely, if ever, made – it’s not a defense,” Dougall told CBS News. “That claim in and of itself is not a defense. You can make a claim if you can demonstrate that it is discriminatory selective law enforcement, but such a proposal is extremely difficult to win.”

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