Rajasthan government allows schools, colleges to run with 100% capacity

The Rajasthan government has issued new Covid guidelines, which allow the state government and private educational institutions to operate at 100 percent capacity from 15 November.
The limit on the number of guests at wedding events, which was previously 200, has also been lifted.
The new instructions were published on Monday evening.
Abhay Kumar, Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior, ordered that classes in all government and private schools and private and government universities can start at 100% occupancy from 15 November. In all coaching institutes, both non-teaching and non-educational staff can come full-time and students can study 100%.
The state government has also lifted restrictions on the number of people attending marriage ceremonies or other favorable activities.
In addition, political, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious gatherings, festivals, etc. are allowed in public places.
The Interior Ministry said the number of positive Covid cases has been steadily declining. The state reported four new positive cases on Monday, and there are now a total of 42 active cases.
In the meantime, it has been said that masks will continue to be mandatory for the general public and that testing, monitoring and other treatment protocols and vaccinations will continue. The parameters of disinfection, social separation and ventilation must be observed in enclosed areas.

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