Some Colorado schools don’t have enough milk for their students because of ‘unprecedented’ supply shortages

Denver schools are struggling to provide their students with enough milk and food, which their school district considered to be the cause of supply chain problems.

Denver Public Schools (DPS), which has more than 200 schools with just over 90,000 students, encourages students to bring refillable water bottles instead.

“DPS is having trouble getting enough milk to serve breakfast and lunch for every child,” Theresa Hafner, executive director of food services at DPS, told Insider in an email.
“When milk is available, we prefer to serve milk at breakfast in all schools and at our primary schools for lunch,” he said.

“I think the dairy is doing its best to give most schools at least some milk, but not a full order,” he added.

In a newsletter dated 8 October, DPS informed parents and guardians that it was facing “unprecedented food and milk supply chain challenges this autumn,” said Theresa Peña, DPS Food Service’s information and involvement officer.

DPS told parents and guardians that some of the food offered to students may be different from the menu.

Peña told Insider that Dean Foods’ brand Meadow Gold was a milk seller in most Denver subway school areas. Dean Foods, now part of Dairy Farmers of America, did not respond immediately to Insider’s request for comment.

Typically, just over 60% of students in DPS schools are entitled to free or discounted lunches. However, all students nationwide will receive 2021-2022. access to free breakfast and lunch during the academic year, as the Ministry of Agriculture is exempt from taxes. The school district usually serves around 32,000 breakfasts and 45,000 lunches every day.
U.S. companies have been hit by a shortage of supply chain due to port congestion, a shortage of trucks and a huge increase in demand for goods. Restaurants and shops have changed their menus and raised prices to cope with delays, shortages and rising prices.

In addition to the supply chain problems that DPS is experiencing, US schools have also had difficulty finding sufficient staff. Teachers resign due to fear of burnout and coronavirus infection.

One Boston high school hired a party bus with a striptease stick because no bus driver could be found, while Philadelphia Elementary School bought a stamp for 400 students after the catering staff did not arrive.

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