Full House’s Dave Coulier and his wife reminisce old times with Bob Saget in emotional posts

Bob Saget’s shocking death has left his loved ones beyond heartbroken and many of his close friends have been remembering and honoring him through emotional messages on social media. Saget’s death has affected his Full House family the most, who have remained close to the actor over the years. On Instagram, Full House’s Dave Coulier recently shared some old photos with Saget from when they were 18 years old.

Recalling how he and Bob became friends, Dave captioned his post by saying, “I met Bob when I was 18. I didn’t know then that two struggling comedians would end up being brothers forever. I wish he could stand by me right now through all this.” tears. I love you.”

Not only Coulier who referred to Saget as his brother, but his wife Melissa Coulier also shared a separate tribute for Bob. In her Instagram story, Melissa wrote how she has learned new stories about Bob and Dave’s relationship from their younger days in the past two days as they have been going through boxes of photos of the duo. Melissa maintained that each image had either a hilarious or an emotional story to tell.

Check out Dave Coulier and his wife’s posts below:

Melissa Coulier

Concluding her post, Melissa further said, “Hug your loved ones. Tell them you love them. And, document all you can, so with every image, you can relive those moments.”

Recently, John Mayer also posted a video where he was seen giving a tearful tribute to Saget while driving the late actor’s car back home from Los Angeles airport where it was last parked by Saget.

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