Nick Jonas ‘felt great’ after taking unintentional break from social media over past two weeks

Nick Jonas kicked off the new year with an adorable snap that showed him sharing a kiss with his wife Priyanka Chopra. After January 1, the singer disappeared from social media and fans wondered why Nick hadn’t shared any new updates. Taking to Twitter on Friday, the singer clarified how he took a short break from social media and enjoyed it.

Sharing a tweet about why he was AWOL from social media, Nick explained that he took an involuntary break from social media. Speaking about what he did in the first two weeks of 2022, Nick wrote: “I didn’t plan it in any way, but I (unintentionally) took a break from social media for the last two weeks to be present…and it was It felt great. I hope you all have been doing great. Much love.”

While Nick was on his social media break, his wife Priyanka continued to serve fans with new posts. In her recent Instagram posts, Chopra showed off photos from her recent photo shoot with Elle magazine as she graced its cover for the February 2022 issue. In an interview with the magazine, Priyanka opened up about various things, including her relationship with Nick Jonas. The actress referred in particular to the divorce rumors that hit the headlines recently, calling it a “professional risk.”

Nick and Priyanka recently celebrated Christmas and New Years together and their cozy photos were enough to put to rest the rumors about their relationship breaking up. The couple recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary in December.

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