‘Sex / Life’ starring Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos on filming sex scenes and working with the intimacy coordinator

Sex/Life” is Netflix‘s newest drama making headlines for its powerful, raw sex scenes and chemistry between leads Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos, who also happen to be a couple in real life.

The eight-episode series hails from creator Stacy Rukeyser and was inspired by the novel “44 Chapters about 4 Men” by B. B. Easton, and explores female sexuality.

Shahi plays Billie Connelly, a struggling stay-at-home wife and mother, who is having intense flashbacks of her hot and heavy love affair with her ex-boyfriend, Brad Simon (Adam Demos).

The series is filled with passionate sex scenes and there’s even a full-frontal moment. Shahi and Demos worked with an intimacy coordinator on set to make sure everyone involved felt safe and respected.

“It was my first time working with an intimacy coordinator, and I felt like it was an important thing, especially with the show that had this many sex scenes,” Shahi told Fox News. “You see that they’re not just gratuitous sex scenes. These sex scenes really are sort of informing the character’s emotional state. They become an integral part of the storyline itself.”

“So with the intimacy coordinator, we were able to discuss things like where we felt comfortable, where we wanted to be touched where we didn’t… like you can touch the side of my boob, but I don’t really like if you put your whole hand on my boob. Conversations like that we would have so there were no real surprises on the day,” Shahi explained. 

Demos echoed Shahi as it was his first time working with a coordinator as well. 

“It’s your safe space,” the Australian actor told Fox News. “It’s all about rehearsal and all about trusting each other and talking about [scenes] and voicing any concerns that you might have. And so through that process of having intimacy coordinator there, it just made [everyone] feel extremely comfortable by the time you get to film. Our producers and showrunner just created such an incredible standard for us and made and created a really safe environment.”

Shahi said she also thought about the “type of sex” the characters were having. 

“The type of sex that I would have with Adam Demos’ character was very different than the type of sex I would have with Cooper [Mike Vogel’s character]… to be able to differentiate these types of sex and to pay attention to the breath,” Shahi reasoned. “The breath was a huge thing for me. There were some moments that were meant to be super breathy, almost quiet, almost moments where you’re just so locked in on one another that you’re not even breathing, and then other times it was to be more graphic and just a bit harder.”

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