YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul signs contract with WWE; Poses with Triple H in official snap

Logan Paul challenges The Miz after signing a contract with WWE.

Logan Paul takes the big leap. Social media sensation Logan Paul hits big as WWE signs the Youtuber as the latest addition to their roster. Despite having his footings in the Youtubing world, Paul had wrestled all throughout his childhood and has also dipped his fists into pro wrestling in recent years. Previously, he showed up at Wrestlemania and WWE Smackdown as a cameo fighter.

Paul has now signed a multi-event deal with WWE. The Youtuber-turned-wrestler took to social media and shared the happy news with his fans as he posed with the great pro wrestler Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon, the interim CEO of the organisation. In his series of snaps, Paul posted a pair of clicks with the officials and then added a little spice with his third one as he posed for the camera while holding a piece of paper that read, “Coming 4 U @Miz.”

Paul made a bold statement with his words and challenged his once tag-teammate The Miz. The pro wrestler was previously paired up with Paul in a Wrestlemania 38 match against Rey and Dominic Mysterio. Though Paul’s team emerged victorious, The Miz pulled a double trick just as they were celebrating their victory The Miz served Logan Paul with his signature move and plunged him into the ground. Fans are speculating that the duo might once again end up fighting together but Paul has made his revengeful motive crystal clear right from the beginning. He is coming out for payback at SummerSlam.

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