Advantages and disadvantages of a coffee maker

You must love drinking coffee if you are on the internet looking for the best coffee makers. Brewing the perfect coffee is a task that only perfectionists can achieve. Not anymore, though.

With a variety of coffee makers in the market, you can make the perfect coffee drink without much hassle. And most of them have a high ticket value when seen as kitchen appliances.

You must be in an argument with yourself on whether buying a coffee maker makes sense. I know it is an investment that not everyone can afford to do. And so, today, I have listed down the advantages and disadvantages of a coffee maker.

Advantages of a coffee maker

Coffee makers are convenient to use

With a variety of coffee makers in the market, the competition for being the best has gone skyrocketing. And brand competition is always good for the consumers. The prices change and the features, too.

Now, to maker the coffee maker more and more user-friendly, brands have made them super easy to use. In most coffee makers, you just need to put the water in the reservoir, add some coffee powder to the filter, and push a button.

After 10 minutes or so, a perfectly brewed coffee drips into the cup/carafe

A coffee maker can save you time

On average, a cup of coffee takes about 10 minutes to brew. And this process needs all of your attention (yes, you need to pay be very vigilant when working in your kitchen). Say, you drink coffee twice a day.

A coffee maker is an automated appliance. Meaning, you just need to press a button and the rest is done according to the machine’s programming. In the 10 minutes of brewing, you don’t need to be present there to see whether everything is working as it should.

Since you have two cups of coffee in a day, a coffee maker saved you 20 minutes in a day. It might not seem significant, but looking at the time saved on a larger scale (say, time saved in a year) definitely makes it clear as crystal.

Coffee maker brews coffee better

This stands true for most of us. As we can’t achieve the perfect brewing temperature, nor can we control the rate of water percolation into the coffee powder.

Now, guess what can do these two tasks perfectly? A coffee maker.

In addition to these two factors, a milk steam or froth regulator makes micro-foam that makes the coffee tastes much better. It is due to the fact that the surface tension of the coffee drink changes that allow our taste buds to come in contact with the drink more. Plus, the creme makes the coffee look fabulous!

Since coffee makers have come a long way since they came into existence, they now can make different types of coffee drinks. You can spot the milk reservoir in more expensive ones. With the milk available in the machine itself, it can regulate the amount and make something different from your regular Espresso. How about a Cappuccino? Or a Macchiato?

It avoids spillage

Yes, we all have been there. You pour the coffee drink into the cups and there goes some of it along the surface of the pan. Then there is the cleaning.

A coffee maker dispenses the coffee drink directly into the carafe (a coffee jug) or a cup. It takes the spillage and the post-cleaning process out of the window.

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