Diabetics, add rajma to your diet to keep your sugar level in check

For a lot of Indians, the week isn’t really complete without having a plate of their favourite comfort food, rajma chawal. For those unaware of that emotion, it’s the beloved Indian combination of a kidney beans curry with rice. However, if you are diabetic then you must be avoiding rajma, thinking they carry less nutritional value and are full of unwanted calories and unhealthy fat. Aren’t you?

Swapping Indian food to follow different types of diets to stay in shape and maintain health is the first thing people do when it comes to the management of health. But this habit is not going to help you in long run.

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Whether you believe or not, but Indian foods can be really healthy and it is time you listen to what your parents have been saying all along. Be it good old dal chawal or makhanas, Indian food can actually help you stay healthy in the long run.

And if you’re a diabetic, kidney beans are one of the healthiest beans out there available. They have a low glycemic index and are fit for consumption when it comes to diabetes. In addition, they are packed with complex carbohydrates and are better than foods with simple carbs.

Benefits of Rajma for diabetes patients

Nutrition Kavita Devgan shares the benefits of rajma for diabetic patients with HealthShots:


1. High fibre

As you already know, beans are rich in fiber and contain a low amount of fat and cholesterol. About 100 grams of rajma contains, a rich mix of soluble and insoluble, 6.4 grams of fiber. And this amount of fiber can help you stabilize your blood glucose levels and can help lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.


2. High protein

The American Diabetes Association recommends consuming an adequate amount of protein on a regular basis if you’re a diabetic as it helps to improve your health. Rajma is a fat-free source of dietary protein with approximately 14 grams per one-cup serving. Moreover, rajma keeps you satiated and makes you feel full for longer thus helping regulate your blood sugar.

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3. Rich in potassium

We all know if you are a diabetic then you are at risk of getting heart disease. But rajma is rich in potassium that dilates the blood vessels and promotes heart health and reduces the risk of cardiac arrest. Moreover, potassium reduces the impact of sodium and reduces the risk factors for diabetes.


4. Contain carbohydrates

A good part of kidney beans is carbs. But don’t you fret already! The carbs present in kidney beans are the good kinds also known as the slow-release carbohydrate. Not just that, kidney beans are a winning combination of a high quantity of carbohydrates, lean protein, and soluble fibre which all help stabilize blood sugar levels and keep hunger in check.


5. Lower Glycemic Index(GI)

Rajma is a complex carb with a glycemic index of 29 which is low. A low glycemic index and its high fibre count will help to slow down the release of sugar, thereby keeping you fuller for a longer time and can improve your insulin sensitivity, and assisting in managing diabetes symptoms.

Now that you know the benefits, it is also important that you avoid overindulge or you may have problems like gas and flatulence.

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