On A Weight Loss Journey? Try These Delicious Sandwiches

Nowadays, people have become more aware about their weight. From following strict diets to religiously exercising, there are opting for many options to reduce weight. And why not? It’s always good to be healthy and fit as that helps us to be strong and live a longer, healthier life. However, those who love food but also want to shed weights can not drop all of their favourite and delicious recipes from their diet. And if you are also someone who loves sandwiches, we have curated a list of some sandwich recipes that are healthy and tasty too.

Check them out here:

Vegetable Sandwich


1 Tomato 1 cup cucumber Lettuce Salt Pepper powder Mint dip Whole grain bread or multigrain bread (as per your choice) Preparation:

Spread the mint dip on one side of the bread slice. Place the lettuce leaf on top. Add the sliced tomato on top of the lettuce leaf. Places the cucumber slices on top of the tomato. Sprinkle some salt and pepper powder on top. Now cover this with the other bread slice. Grill or toast accordingly.

Grilled Egg Sandwich


Whole Grain bread or multigrain bread Pepper Salt 2 boiled eggs Preparations:

Use only the egg white and not the yolk. Break the egg white into a crumbly mixture. Add a pinch of salt and pepper powder. Spread this mixture on one side of the bread slice. Cover this with another slice of bread. Grill or toast accordingly.

Paneer Sandwich


Whole grain or multigrain bread (as per choice) Paneer Onions Green chilli Coriander leaves Salt Pepper Hung Curd Preparations:

Grate the paneer block. Chop the onions, green chili and coriander leaves finely. Mix everything with a pinch of salt and pepper powder. Add hung curd and once again toss the mixture. Spread this mixture on any side of the bread and cover with the other slice. Toast or grill once done.

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