This simple test will help identify rhodamine adulteration in ragi

Certainly not a good example, but one should always keep in mind that the foods you buy can be fermented with toxins – tea with soft leaves, chili powder and brick powder or sand, turmeric and color combinations and others.
Also, if there is any suspicion about adultery in the heaven you have purchased, here is a grant from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

Recently, a lot of people are enjoying whole foods that are nutritious and help one stay satisfied for a long time. One of the good grains is yeast or finger wheat, which is known to slowly release glucose into the bloodstream, helping to avoid unwanted hunger. But there were times when the yeast was fermented rhodamine.

What is rhodamine?

A type of paint, rhodamine is used on paint and ink but is not strong enough to be used on fabrics. The paint is poisonous and should not be eaten.

How can you know?

* Take a cotton ball and moisten it with water or vegetable oil.

* Next, take a bowl of ragi and rub the outside of the ragi with a cotton ball.

*There is no change in the color of the cotton ball when rubbed on the unmixed surface.

* On the other hand, it will be red when the ragi is adulterated.


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