Weight loss on your mind? You need to give up these 6 eating habits NOW!

Unhealthy eating habits can lead you to various health and digestive issues and also hinder your fitness goals. So, you need to change the following habits right now!

1. Binge eating food late night:

Late night eating is not considered as healthy because during the night time your body rests and heals. At night, your metabolism is low. So, if you eat at night, your body doesn’t get the rest it needs as your body has to work to digest the food. You should change this habit for a healthier and fitter you. If you are very hungry during late hours, you can eat lighter foods like nuts and seeds.

2. Constant snacking:

Some people have the habit of eating something or the other every now and then. Most of it is either junk food or processed food which are high in calories, with almost no nutritional content in them and have empty carbs. Change this unhealthy habit by grading your hunger levels and follow healthy snacking. Whenever you need to snack, reach out to healthy snacks like carrots, yoghurt, hummus, cucumber slices, nuts and seeds, fruits etc. Stop buying unhealthy snacks like chips, soda, candy and bakery items.

3. Eating your food too fast

Vomiting food, whether you eat food or just bite it, does not give your mind time for the stomach and digestive system to function. The brain does not indicate that you are full for about 15-20 minutes after you start eating. If you swallow your food in just 10 minutes or less, you may end up eating because your brain is signaling late and this is causing unnecessary weight gain and digestive problems. To make sure you eat slowly, try to make time for your meals, make snacks smaller, and make sure you see the food properly.

4. Watching television while eating:

Almost everyone eats their food sitting in front of their TV screens at least once or twice in a day. You will end up eating mindlessly without realizing how much you have eaten, and this leads to overeating. You need to focus completely on your food while you are having it. This generates a connection between you and your food and benefits you well from the food. Make it a point to turn off all the screens while you are eating.


5. Skipping meals:

Some people are too busy to even eat. They are so much in a rush that they skip their breakfast. They are too busy for lunch and sometimes, when they finish off work, it is already dinner time! Then they are super hungry and end up overeating in the next meal. The energy levels fluctuate regularly because your body is not properly fueled up. To fix this issue, plan your day beforehand and make time for your meals. Try to plan meals which are easy to cook, digest well and are easily available.

6. Not hydrating well:

Your body needs water for proper functioning of the systems. But people nowadays have got so busy that they forget to have a sip of water and other hydrating liquids. This results in constant headache, fatigue, crankiness and stress the whole day. This is a hindrance in bodily functions if you don’t hydrate yourself well. Due to lack of water, your body fails to flush out harmful toxins from your body, and this may lead to mild or severe medical issues. To curb this issue, you can fix a 1 litre water bottle for yourself and make it a point that you finish at least 3-4 bottles of it in a single day. If you are finding it difficult with water, you can have other liquids too like juices, smoothies, milk and water-containing foods.

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