6 Yummy recipes that cook spinach creatively and make Popeye proud

Baked Spinach Squares

Whip up this dish if you are open to having eggs, for this one is a no no if you are vegetarian. However, if you have no aversion to eggs, then the addition of grated mozzarella and coconut will make this spinach recipe the snack of the season in your household!


Palak Kishmish

If you are a big fan of one pot cooking, then you will love this one. All you need are some raisins, onions, pinenuts spinach and breadcrumbs to cook up this delectable sabzi. It can be eaten with roti or even served with a bed of rice.


Lasooni Palak Khichdi

The best part about cooking up lasooni palak khichdi is that it is a whole meal altogether. You are then saved the hassle of whipping up other elements of your meal. The simple blend of lentils, rice, spinach and an onion, tomato-based tadka, never tasted so good!

Crispy Fried Spinach Crackling or Kurkuri Palak

While this dish involves deep frying the spinach leaves, it does make it incredibly appetizing when laced with garlic, soya sauce and spice. Therefore, if you are introducing a child to the flavor of palak or simply have some guests over, then this one is for you.

Palak Kadhi

Whether you are a fussy eater or have a child who simply refuses to eat spinach, despite Popeye’s recommendation, this recipe shall simplify matters for you. It is not only fast to cook, but extremely tasty and nourishing when consumed.

Lemony Sauteed Spinach 

This one’s a simpler recipe variant for cooking this green, but it is ideal for an adult looking to up their protein intake. While it may not look appetizing, the lemony flavor makes up for this in spades!

We’re sure if you try out some of these recipes, you’ll certainly reap the benefits of this leafy green and perhaps even come to love spinach.
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