A Florida restaurant is testing a 4-day week as hospitality sector workers say they’re burnt out amid the labor shortage

The Asian boxing restaurant in Florida has started offering its kitchen staff four days a week, Creative Loafing said.
The restaurant has doubled its kitchen staff and is open seven days a week, the head of the publication said.
Tampa Bay’s creative agency Creative Loafing said Tuesday that a Florida restaurant is tying up a four-week work week for busy kitchen workers as it tries to keep staff short.

The Chop Chop Shop, an Asian boxing restaurant in Tampa, has offered its full-time kitchen staff a Thursday and 40-hour work week for the past three months instead of five days a week, said local manager Steve Sera. media.

Sera said it has implemented this policy to retain existing employees and attract new employees, and according to the report, other companies in the region are suffering from staff shortages. This will allow the restaurant to be open seven days a week, resulting in a 30% increase in revenue and better employee advice.

Sera’s approach is different from some companies that do a lot of work on their current employees to heat the fire, says Insider’s Dominick Reuter.

Since the start of Thursday’s work week, Chop Chop Shop’s kitchen staff has grown from four to eight, Sera Creative told Loafing.

The kitchen staff at the Chop Chop Shop come four days a week in two teams and have three consecutive days off, Sarah said. They make a 40-hour limit, working 12 and a half hours a day, nine hours a day and eight and a half hours a day, he added. The staff’s Thursday work week means the restaurant can be open seven days a week instead of five, as cooks have to fill in their 40 hours with a report.

“Restaurant employees work in difficult conditions, under long hours and extreme stress,” Sera Creative told Loafing in the news. “We need time to fully relax, recover and take care of our personal lives while doing the work we love.”

The current policy is only for kitchen staff – not service staff – but the goal is to ultimately offer all employees four days’ work, Sera Creative told Loafing.

John Patterson, one of the restaurant’s newest chefs, told Creative Loafing that four days a week is one of the best-selling things in a new project. Patterson said the plan has improved his family life and now it’s time to find something interesting.

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