DoorDash customer stuck inside house with coffee order

A DoorDash customer says his supply driver accidentally trapped him inside his house – leaving the entire cup of coffee he ordered just inches from his door.

Alex Bradshaw shared a video on TikTok of his dilemma trying to figure out how to open his front door without spilling the drink.

“Thanks for the Doordash coffee,” Bradshaw captioned the September 17 clip, which shows him opening the door just a little before he nearly spills the coffee.

The clip, which has been considered greater than 2.7 million occasions, obtained scores of feedback with recommendation — all apparently ineffective.

“Thank you all for the continued suggestion of using my nonexistent back door to retrieve the coffee I ordered almost a month ago. Greatly appreciated,” Bradshaw commented on the clip.

He didn’t reveal how he ultimately handled the state of affairs.

But Bradshaw responded to criticism about why he ordered a cup of coffee for supply within the first place.

“Because it’s coming up a lot, I tipped $3.50 on an $11 order for an iced coffee and bagel. I ran out of coffee and was busy working my remote full-time job + my own business I have been getting off the ground for the last couple of months,” he wrote.

He defined that he additionally sometimes drives for the food-delivery app, so “It’s ok. I do some DoorDash driving from time to time, I can criticize.”

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