Enjoy the winter chill at home by converting it into a cosy space with these décor tips

Home is where we spend most of our time, especially now in the pandemic. Therefore, it is natural for us to think about making our personal space more cozy and warm in the winter season. Curling up in our favorite corner with a cool book and a cup of coffee is the ideal way to spend winters, don’t you think?

As such, Parul Mittal, the director of Greenlam Industries Ltd, shares some home decoration tips for this cold season. She says there is a need to “make her home space feel brighter and more inviting, with luxurious fabrics and warm colors that bring serenity to interiors.”


“Treat your room by contrasting the colours with engineered wood flooring that imparts a new character. Reignite your aesthetic sense by choosing fine intricate floors including basket weave and heritage, as well as classical patterns,” she suggests.

According to Mittal, you can do away with winter blues, by adding some colour or rugs that accentuate the entire set-up, making the room appear cosy. A bold print or a pattern can also liven up your space.

Curling spot

Next, you can make your nook more interesting by “adding some throw blankets, a comfortable armchair, and plush throw pillows.”

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“Veneers are a crucial part of interior décor and installing distinctive designs and patterns in your home adds a luxurious touch,” she explains.

Refurbish doors

This is the season to incorporate warm earthy shades to give “your house the facelift it deserves”. Mittal suggests you can “refurbish doors and increase not just the visual appeal, but also their quality by ditching the age-old traditional practice of getting them painted”.

“The unique combination of beauty and functionality is making people choose laminate sheets for their doors. There are also laminates that not only offer the usual benefits, but also other features such as anti-microbial and fire-retardant properties,” she concludes.

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