Gujarat Man Gets Unique Card For Son’s Wedding, It Turns Into Bird’s Nest

The wedding day is special not just for the bride and groom but also for their friends, relatives and parents. It’s also a day when people come up with unique ideas to celebrate the occasion. However, it can’t be denied that at times weddings also result in a lot of wastage of — from food to decor. And to avoid just that, or at least some of it, Shivabhai Gohil, a resident of Uchedi village of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, has taken an initiative.

Shivabhai is a nature lover, and therefore the cards that he got printed for his son’s wedding are also environment-friendly in more than one way. This unique wedding invitation is going viral on the Internet, for you can keep it outside your balcony or terrace and give shelter to birds.

This square box-like card has received a lot of appreciation from the people and they loved the idea.

The pictures of this card have been shared on a Facebook page, The Better India Gujarati. After the wedding, birds can make their nest inside this card and live in it. This will not just provide a place for the birds but will also be a good use of the money spent in procuring those cards. While people loved this unique concept, some even said that they would like to emulate it when someone gets married at their home.

Many would know that Indian weddings are especially expensive. Not long ago, a businessman got an expensive card printed and a single piece was worth thousands of rupees. But this environment-friendly card is now everyone’s favourite.


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