Hey pet parents, pay attention to your dog’s behaviour!

“A pet’s aggressive behaviour is a result of multiple factors. Every animal has different temperament, personality and genetics. Bad breeding is one of the factors behind aggression, as is lack of basic training, mental and physical stimulation,” says Diksha Thakkar, a professional canine trainer and behaviourist. As a responsible pet parent, you can implement the following things to keep your dog calm and in control.

Start training early: You must start basic training for your dog at a young age and continue to reinforce the lessons

– Socialise: Socialising your dog with humans and other dogs is important. Pay attention to its body language to understand how it behaves around people

– Understand triggers: Expose your dog to different situations like loud noises, traffic, crowds etc. Basically, anything that might ignite fear. Start doing it at a young age. This helps in understanding your pet’s triggers and you will be able to handle situations better

– Avoid enclosed spaces: Do not take your dog into an enclosed space with unknown people. Not everyone is comfortable in such a situation because there’s no escape if things go south

– Avoid aggressive punishment: Don’t discipline your dog by using physical, violent, or aggressive punishment. Try positive reinforcement for good behaviour as that is said to be more effective

– Know your dog: Before letting your dog off leash in permitted areas, be sure to understand your dog’s behaviour and always keep it in sight. If you notice something off, it’s better to keep your leash handy

– Warn others in case of aggressive behaviour: If your dog has aggressive tendencies, always warn others. Don’t allow your dog to approach people and other animals unless the situation is strictly controlled. Use a muzzle if necessary

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