How to build your career as a wedding singer

Being a part of someone’s special day and contributing to the occasion is both rewarding and challenging. Whether you’re an aspiring wedding singer or a seasoned professional, you’ll always be up against competition, and an exceptional voice alone will rarely help you stand out. Believe it or not, many singers began their careers as wedding singers.

How to build your career as a wedding singer

How to build your career as a wedding singer


The wedding industry is one of the most profitable in the world and some musicians choose to focus on the wedding industry since there is so much love and respect for a performer from the family and friends.

Being well integrated with the couple’s and family’s religious rituals, sentiments and understanding their vision of working with a singer on such an auspicious day is also very important. The vibrant positive energy of music sets a precedent for the couple; of joy, solemnity, happiness and love in their new journey of marriage.

Wedding singers may be invited to function as master of ceremonies or guide guests through the wedding celebrations, in addition to performing at banquets or marriage ceremonies.

You must be able to fulfill the client’s roles and be adaptable enough to adjust your schedule. You can get started as a wedding singer by singing at a few weddings for free or for a little charge.

How to build your career as a wedding singer

© Provided by India TodayHow to build your career as a wedding singer

As a newbie wedding singer, your major goal is to get the ball rolling and get your name out there by performing at as many weddings as possible.


Your first client will approach you sooner or later, and this will be the most crucial one. The client’s main goal is to save money and employ someone who can sing; your goal should be to establish yourself in the wedding industry, so it’s a win-win situation.

It has to be noted that you are taking a crucial part in someone’s lifetime event. Whenever they think about their wedding, your performance will definitely strike in their brain if you perform well.

Besides the money, you will earn a lot of respect and popularity. So, do not be distracted by money, and do not even be concerned about it; simply provide a lower-than-market price, keeping in mind that your primary purpose is to save money.


The first couple of years are all about getting your name out there. The more people who know you’re a wedding singer, the more clients you’ll get.

The first couple of gigs will not pay well, but they will get you launched. When you start getting more and more clients, you can start increasing your prices. Make sure people know your name so they can check out your prior singing performances online.


There is no need to create a new social media account; instead, remain with your personal one, as this offers people a lot more trust. You should have at least a handful of videos of yourself singing some of the most popular wedding songs.

They don’t even have to do it at an actual event; somewhere outside or in a gorgeous setting will do. The truth is that most weddings are arranged by the couple; in general, the groom handles most of the logistics and planning, and the bride usually hires singers or a band.

How to build your career as a wedding singer

© Provided by India TodayHow to build your career as a wedding singer

If the bride sees your performance somewhere, she will visualise you at their wedding and you will have a much better chance of getting hired.

Always remember that in the wedding singers’ profession, your talent, voice and authentication talk more than anything else. So, always focus on practicing more, improving your skills and making your presence a beautiful and memorable moment for the couple and their family.

Article by Mamta Solanki, an Indian actress, model, and singer.

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