How to plan safe travel with your pet during monsoons

You might now realize how the human body fights several diseases during monsoons. The weather brings all sorts of bacteria and parasites, owing to the standing water and puddles, which can make us sick. Similar is the situation with your pets. So, if you plan to travel with your furry friend during this season, be aware that it will be challenging. Apart from constant playtime, you must give undivided attention to their well-being.
There is no denying that travelling to different locations already comes with multiple challenges, right from transport to food to ensuring your furball is comfortable and safe. Assuring the proper safety of your pet between all the other things can become exceptionally exhausting. But, knowing the best possible dos and don’ts can be very helpful. Here’s your checklist of things to remember while travelling with your pet during monsoons.

Check weather conditions ahead of time

Learn about the weather conditions of the city/country you are travelling to before making the bookings. It will help you plan your route and avoid areas likely to experience heavy rainfall. If possible, travel during the time of the day when it is least likely to rain. It will help reduce the risk of your pet getting wet and cold. It may include staying indoors as much as possible or only taking your furry friend outside during mild rains. Carry essential grooming tools if you plan to take your pet out, even during light showers.
Invest in an appropriate dog raincoat

Another practical approach to ensure your pet stays safe and dry during the rainy season is investing in a good-quality dog raincoat. It will help keep your furry friend dry and comfortable while you’re out and about. Just make sure to choose a coat appropriate for the weather conditions in the area you’re traveling to. Selecting a suitable raincoat material helps protect your pet’s fur from getting wet and matted. You can find dog raincoats at most pet stores or online.

Keep your pet’s paws dry

Good-quality boots for your pets’ cute paws are yet another investment to make while traveling during monsoons. They will protect them from the rain and mud while keeping them warm. Wet feet can quickly become infected, leading to health problems. You can also use paw wipes, paw wax/balm, or apply petroleum jelly on their paws before stepping out. They create a barrier between your pet’s skin and the wet ground. However, this solution will not be as effective as dog boots.

Avoid walking your pet in areas that are likely to flood or have a lot of standing water. If there are unavoidable scenarios, carry your pet to prevent its paws from touching the ground.

Wear bright or reflective items of clothing

Wearing bright and reflective colours is a must during monsoons, not only for yourself but also for your pet. Due to low visibility during rains, drivers find it hard to notice pedestrians. It can put you and your pet at risk of an accident. Get a reflective vest or leash to ensure you and your dog are adequately visible to drivers.

Prefer shorter walks in the rain

Dogs are more susceptible to getting sick in the rain, so limiting their exposure is crucial. Try to take them out for shorter walks and ensure they stay dry as much as possible. If sudden rainfall wets your pet during the walk, give it plenty of time so that the fur is completely dry.

Prevent your pets from drinking rainwater

Rainwater can contain harmful bacteria and parasites. Do not let your pets drink water from puddles or rain-filled potholes. If they do, watch them closely to detect illness symptoms early on. Contact your veterinarian immediately if they seem unwell. Vomiting and diarrhea are common signs of developing a disease in your pets after consuming contaminated water.

Monsoon is a beautiful season to travel and experience the freshness of nature. But, it also comes with multiple hygiene issues and health risks. Like humans, over-exposure to rainwater is not suitable for pets. Follow these simple yet crucial tips to have a safe travel experience with your pet, even during the rainy weather, and you’re good to go.

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