Jennifer Aniston talks about staying fit and why seeing the Friends again hit her hard

Jennifer Aniston knows no one can escape getting older, so instead, she’s finding ways to thrive from the inside out.

“We’re going to get older, all of us… But we can grow old and not grow sick. We can thrive and have a vital life as we get older,” she tells USA TODAY. “When we’re at the age when society used to say, ‘Bye, see ya, your time’s up, you should go out to pasture now.’ Now, people who are my age, you know, 50 or whatever… I feel like a 20-year-old.”

For the actress, 52, who is the new chief creative officer of Vital Proteins, this includes incorporating collagen drinks into her day as well as staying physically fit with workouts such as yoga, boxing and jumping rope.

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