Meghan McCain Says This Former “The View” Co-Host Helped Her Leave

Meghan McCain says this former co-host of “The View” helped her leave
Meghan McCain made headlines again after Thursday’s episode of The View, but this time not because of a controversial comment or an argument with her co-hosts. After nearly four years on the show, McCain announced that he would be leaving The View at the end of the current season when there were only four weeks left. The co-host said she moved to Washington, DC, with her husband Ben Domenech at the start of the pandemic, on the recommendation of her doctor, while pregnant with their now 9-month-old daughter Liberty. The situation, she explained, has changed “the way I see life, the way I live my life, how I want my life to be”, and now he is trying to be near her and in the future Domenech’s family to stay. DC area.

McCain’s announcement surprised the audience and even some of his co-hosts; Especially Joy Behar, her seasoned adversary, seemed surprised by the news. But there’s a former co-host of The View who McCain said relied on her in trying to figure out his future, and she’s also someone who wrestled McCain with fame. Read on to find out who McCain’s lawyer was.

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