World’s First Floating City to Set Sail in South Korea by 2025

We are constantly trying to push the globe towards an envisioned utopia. However, in that process, we are lethally wounding the world’s ecosystem. Therefore, it is only logical to build solutions that can prevent our future from turning dark. One such solution is now officially in the making. ‘Oceanix,’ a company dedicated towards making futuristic floating cities, got backing from the United Nations Human Settlement Programme, UN-Habitat, one of the most credible organizations in the world to build a floating city in South Korea.

An MoU was signed between the UN-Habitat, Republic of Korea, and Oceanix to build a full-fledged floating city near the banks of Busan that can withstand floods, tsunamis, and level 5 hurricanes. The executive director of UN-Habitat tweeted the announcement making it an official project with UN backing.

The idea of a city that floats on the water seemed like a fantasy a few years ago. However, making it through all the hindrances, the idea floated its way towards certainty, and a prototype will be up and running by 2025, as estimated by the officials.

Having said that, let’s jump into the city Oceanix is building and see what it will look like. The city will have a capacity to shelter 10,000 residents on its surface and will be divided into 300-resident large neighbourhoods. Since the city is being built to fight the rising sea levels due to global warming, all shelters in the city are less than seven storeys to have a low centre of gravity.

The floating city will be built in such a way that it will rise, along with the sea level, and will be flood-proof. The base of the city will foster ocean farming so that the city is sustainable and self-sufficient in terms of food, energy, and water. The city will be built with locally-sourced materials, including bamboo.

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