The reach of the “big lie” grows 6 months after January 6th: The Note

Half a year later, Trump got his wish and then some. If anything, the “big lie” and the attempted insurrection have become more critical to understanding politics — and, in some quarters, surviving in it — as time has solidified facts as well as turned up new ones.

Revelations in a wave of new books are adding layers to the events around that critical period. Law-enforcement authorities continue to turn up stunning new details; just last week, an alleged member of the extremist “Boogaloo” movement was charged, and on Tuesday, the Justice Department unsealed charges alleging that another suspect “coordinated” surveillance of the Capitol before the attack.

As for prospective candidatesThe Washington Post found that at least a third of the nearly 700 Republicans who have filed to pursue House or Senate bids next year have publicly embraced Trump’s lies about the election.

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