What is ‘reconciliation’ & does it delay the infrastructure package?

Amid talks about a compromise on a bipartisan infrastructure deal, some Democrats say they won’t get along without promising to pass another law on President Joe Biden’s desk.
There will be no infrastructure bill unless we have a compromise bill. Plain and simple, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday, threatening to block a House vote on the deal until the Senate sends the president a bill that also focuses on “human infrastructure.” .
In the case of this law, “reconciliation” is not synonymous with making amends. Here’s a look at what the congressional reconciliation process entails and why it’s making headlines.
What is reconciliation?
Reconciliation is a special process that essentially makes it easier for legislation to pass the Senate. This process allows you to speed up tax bills, expenses and debts avoiding the usual delays in Congress.
The reconciliation process can only take place if the House and Senate pass a budget resolution that first includes “reconciliation directives” for committees, according to the nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.
The instructions direct committees to “prepare and report” on legislation on a specific date that does one or a combination of the following, according to CBPP: increase or decrease spending by specific amounts over a specific period of time, increase or decrease income by specified amounts during a specified period of time or adjust a limit Public debt. In other words, the guide lets legislators know how much space they can spend more or less with each budget.
Budget decisions cannot be withheld and are not sent to the president for signature. The reconciliation bills establish laws that reflect the priorities established in the budget decision.
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Like budget decisions, reconciliation bills cannot be manipulated. Therefore, instead of requiring 60 votes, these laws can be passed by simple majority.

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