Controversial Bitcoin billionaire Mircea Popescu dies at 41

Bitcoin billionaire Mircea Popescu, believed to be $ 1 billion, 41-year-old, also known by many as the Bitcoin evangelist, leaves a controversial legacy. “I like Bitcoin because I like freedom. Very simple, ”he once said. Popescu also ran a blog that many said was a repository of racist and sexist content that was “not safe for work”. He is also known for starting MPEx, a bitcoin exchange, in 2012.

Pete Rizzo, the editor of Bitcoin Magazine, posted a thread on Twitter curating some of Popescu’s quotes about Bitcoin. Rizzo’s thread starts with a post, “RIP Mircea Popescu (1980-2021)”. Then he adds, “Called ‘The Father of Bitcoin Toxicity’ by some, Mircea will stand out as one of #Bitcoin’s most vilified figures and undoubtedly one of its greatest philosophers.”

Although the Bitcoin held by Popescu will change its value, these tokens would be lost if the billionaire had not ensured that others had access to his wallets. Given the large number of tokens Popescu had, this could have an impact on the price of Bitcoin.

According to a Spanish publication,, Popescu died off the coast of Costa Rica when he went to swim in the sea and was washed away on June 23. The publication reported that a “41-year-old foreigner” drowned in Playa Hermosa de Garabito, Puntarenas.

In another Rizzo post, he wrote about Popescu’s controversial nature. Rizzo shared the link to a website where Popescu “blogged fairly regularly” but “warned” users that “even if it has a lot of sparkling jewelry, there is a lot of racist and sexist content.

The blog is in all likelihood inaccessible in India due to the nature of the content posted there.

In another tweet, Rizzo wrote that Popescu “undoubtedly demonstrated (and celebrated) behaviors that were intolerant, racist and life-threatening,” including those of key Bitcoin employees. “There were good and bad things,” he wrote of the controversial 41-year-old.

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