France wants to boost renewable energy, now lagging behind

President Emmanuel Macron was set to unveil a plan on Thursday to boost renewable energy in France, including offshore wind farms and solar power, as the country is lagging behind most of its European neighbors.

The move comes amid a major energy crisis in Europe, aggravated by Russia’s war in Ukraine, as Macron wants the country to gain more independence in terms of electricity production.

Macron went on a boat Thursday to visit France’s first offshore wind farm off the port of Saint-Nazaire in western France.

He was scheduled to detail in a speech later Thursday a range of measures meant to facilitate and accelerate renewable energy projects, according to the French presidency. A bill will be presented next week at a Cabinet meeting.

France’s energy strategy has long relied on developing nuclear power — based on imported uranium— which provides about 67% of French electricity, more than any other country.

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