How to quickly download emails from Gmail

There are several ways of downloading important emails from Gmail. Keep reading to know more about the simple trick.


  • There are several ways to download emails from Gmail.
  • This is possible on both computer and mobile.
  • One can use Chrome’s Sharing feature to download emails on mobile.

There are times when you need to download some important emails from Gmail or just want to create a backup of them, purely because you might lose access to your work Gmail account. But, some people are unable to do that as they don’t know the trick. There are several ways of downloading emails from Gmail. Keep reading to know more about the simple trick.

Gmail tip: How to download emails on computer

It is very easy to download emails using the web version of Gmail. Just open any email and click on the three-dotted icon visible on the top, near the Starred and Reply buttons. In the drop menu, you will immediately notice a “Download message” option. Just click on it and your email will get downloaded in seconds. You will then find the file in the Downloads section of the app.

The feature also downloads the attached files in the email, which is just great as you don’t have to go through the step of downloading them. But, users are advised to double the PDF file if everything is downloaded properly.

Gmail tip: How to download emails on mobile

Gmail doesn’t offer the same download option on the mobile version of the app. But, don’t worry, there is a workaround for this. Not all the users have a computer at home and there are times when you need to download an email on your phone, but are not able to do that. People are then left with the option of taking a screenshot of the email, which is the most convenient and easiest option.

One can simply log in to Gmail on Chrome and use the browser’s print functionality to create a PDF of the email. All you need to do is open Gmail on Chrome, sign in, open the email you want to download, tap on Chrome’s three-dotted icon and tap on the Share button. The browser will then display a few options and you just need to click on “Print.” A PDF document will then be created. You can then tap on the PDF button. Additionally, if there are 2-3 pages, then you can unselect the ones that are not needed. Once your file is ready, you can decide the location of it before saving it. You can then access this PDF by visiting the Downloads app and share it from there.

Chrome also allows a user to take a customized screenshot of a page. So, instead of choosing the “Print” functionality, one can tap on the Long Screenshot option to capture your important email. If you want a PDF of that then you can simply use that screenshot and convert it into a PDF using any online converter. Just type JPG to PDF converter on Google and visit any site to do that.

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