Twitter stops auto-loading new tweets on web

Micro-blogging site Twitter will no longer automatically refresh timelines on the web with new tweets and users can now decide when they want to load new tweets.

Twitter acknowledged that in the past, tweets would often disappear from view mid-read when a user’s timeline would automatically refresh.

Now, users can load new tweets when they want to by clicking on the tweet counter bar at the top of their timelines, reports TechCrunch.

In September, the company noted it would be rolling out updates to the way it displays tweets so that they would not disappear while users were still reading them.

It is worth pointing out that Twitter’s iOS and Android apps also do not automatically refresh users’ timelines when they open up the app. Instead, users can click on the highlighted home button on the navigation bar to load new tweets.

Twitter also recently announced that it will no longer automatically crop image previews on the web, after rolling out full-size image previews on mobile earlier this year.

Twitter’s website displays full images without clipping. Instead of figuring out how to display the image in chronological order, the images are exactly the same as when you took them.
These changes come as Twitter works to improve its rankings and make services more accessible.

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