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Bo Schembechler statue vandalized with message supporting victims of predatory Michigan doctor

A local resident claimed responsibility for splashing the statue with red paint and writing "Bo knew #hailtothevictims" on the base.

The statue of long-time football coach Bo Schembechler on campus at the University of Michigan was vandalized on Tuesday night with a message from a former team doctor in support of victims of sexual harassment.

The shape was cast in red and the word “Bo knows #hailtothevictims” was printed in black at the bottom.

An unnamed local resident who worked in solidarity with the “Victim Greeting” campaign for men who were sexually abused by school sports doctor Robert Anderson in the 1970s and 1980s said he took responsibility for the damage. Detroit freelance correspondent.

“Bo Schembechler has long been considered an outstanding coach in Michigan, but he knew team doctor Robert Anderson had sexually assaulted many players each year,” the coach said.

It was referred to Matt Schembechler, Bo Schembechler’s son, who said Anderson did something bad to him when he was 10 and played football for the 1969 Junior Wolverines. He said he told his father about it, who replied, “I don’t want to hear it.” This was followed by a “blow to the chest,” said Matt Schembechler in the summer.

The email said, “When Bo’s son resisted his own attack, Bo hit him with a fist and told him to shut up. Bo pulled the strings and bowed back to make sure Anderson could keep his job. It’s time for the world. Understand that Bo is responsible for the plight of so many Michigan footballers.

Bo Schembechler died in 2006.

Anderson said hundreds of people, many of them men of sport, were abused as university doctors. A federal lawsuit filed in May says the school puts students at risk because it did not enforce a policy to prevent sexual violence on campus. The university has identified sexual abuse and works with survivors through a confidential, court-run process.

“The University of Michigan sincerely apologizes for the abuse of Robert Anderson (who died in 2008),” Mark Mark Schlissel, president of the university, said in a statement today.

Former NFL player Jon Vaughn, who played for the University of Michigan, began camping in a tent next to Schlissel’s home earlier last month, provoking protests that said it wasn’t effective enough to protect students from sexual assault.

“As a victim of sexual violence, you felt like you were on a falling island,” Vaughn told NPR. “And as soon as I had the courage to tell my truth, this island began to grow and my inner strength began to grow.”

Many people visited him last month, including some former players who said Anderson had hurt them. Vaughn was still camping outside on Wednesday.

The cleaners began cleaning the red shape of the statue in front of the campus football stadium on Wednesday morning.

“We understand and appreciate the strong commitment to representing those affected by the deceased Robert Anderson,” Rick Fitzgerald, the university’s vice president of public relations, said in an email. “But the damage to the Bo Schembechler statue at the University of Michigan is being fully investigated so they can be held accountable for their actions.”

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