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California City Settles Lawsuit Over Controversial Fred Flintstone Home

Tech-wise, the owner of the fabulous Flintstones home in a posh suburb of San Francisco has made a deal with the city of Hillsborough. But the deal allows Fred and his friends to stay.

In a Yabba-Dabba dispute in which property rights were pitted against government rules enforced by the international media, retired publishing mogul Florence Fang defended her colorful, bulbous home and an elaborate homage to the Flintstones family. Cartoon, along with aliens and other curiosities.

However, the city called the towering dinosaurs and life-size sculptures “a highly visible monstrosity,” and sued Fang on the grounds that he violated local regulations by placing dinosaur sculptures in the backyard and making other changes to the landscape they were made by local officials let explain it a public disturbance.

A city attorney had said that regardless of the subject, residents must get permission before installing such sculptures.
Hillsborough went to court in 2019 after Fang failed to comply with multiple work stoppages and an order to remove features around the multi-million dollar property with its 2,730-square-foot home. answered Fang. The Daily Post in Palo Alto first reported on the deal on Thursday.

Mark Hudak, a Hillsborough attorney, said the town prides itself on its rural, wooded surroundings, and the rules are in place “so the neighbors don’t have to see their version of what they want and you don’t.” I don’t have to look at hers. ”

According to records, the agreement calls for the city to review and approve a study of the landscape improvements. In return, Fang will apply for building permits. The city is paying Fang $ 125,000 and it will drop the lawsuit, which was dismissed in a state court on April 27.

There is no word on Barney Rubble’s role in this matter.

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