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Last victim’s body recovered in a pipe accident in North Carolina

The final victim from a deadly June tubing accident in North Carolina was recovered from the Dan River on Monday, weeks after plunging over a dam with eight other people.Teresa Villano.Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office

Teresa Villano, 35, was six months pregnant and was recovered near the Draper Boat Landing east of Eden, North Carolina, the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Villano is the fifth person to be confirmed dead after the incident.

It took nearly 18 hours before anyone noticed the inner tubes of nine friends floating on the Dan River had plunged over the Duke Energy Power Plant dam on the night of June 16.

An employee found four people “clinging to the dam” the next day: Eden residents Rueben Villano, 35, and his 14 and 18 year old children Eric and Irene, and Karlos Villano, 14, of LaPorte, Indiana, were rescued and all survived.

The bodies of Bridish Crawford, 27, Antonio Ramon, 30, Isiah Crawford, 7, all of Eden, and Sophie Wilson, 14, of LaPorte, Indiana, were recovered in the days after the accident.

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