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Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett, ushering in a new conservative era for the Supreme Court

The Republican-led Senate narrowly voted for Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation in the Supreme Court on Monday, ending a bitter confirmation process and earning President Donald Trump a political victory days before the election.

Barrett, 48, a federal appeals judge, will take the seat of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Liberal icon who died Sept. 18, and Barrett is expected to usher in a sharp ideological turn in court. The Democrats made numerous unsuccessful attempts to slow down or derail the vote, but they found themselves right away with a Republican party determined to cement a 6-3 majority.

Some legal experts say it will be the most conservative Supreme Court since before World War II. Barrett’s inclusion could cement right wing advantages on issues like campaign finance and gun rights, while jeopardizing progressive issues like abortion law, suffrage and health regulations.
The vote was 52-48, with only Republicans voting “yes” and Democrats joining the opposition. Only one Republican, Maine Senator Susan Collins, who was facing a tough re-election campaign, voted “no”.

After the President, Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, called for a vote, a round of applause broke out in the room as Republican Senators clenched their fists in celebration.

Barrett, who was confirmed 30 days after Trump announced his nomination, is the first modern-day candidate to be confirmed without opposition party votes.

Barrett’s nomination sparked enthusiasm among Republicans, who have made the courts their top priority in the Senate, and the wrath of Democrats who warned them not to fill a vacancy in an election year, especially after Republican leaders did so under a Democratic Presidents had turned them down in 2016 ..

The White House held an oath ceremony Monday night where Judge Clarence Thomas, the most conservative member of the court, took Barrett’s official constitutional oath.

Chief Justice John Roberts will take the judicial oath in a private ceremony on Tuesday and officially appoint Barrett as judge.
“This is a significant day for the United States, for the United States Constitution and for the rule of law, fair and impartial,” Trump said. “Judge Barrett has made it clear that she will make decisions solely on the basis of a fair reading of the law and the Constitution as they are written, and not on the basis of the laws of the court.”

He later added, “The Barrett family has captured the heart of America. It is very fitting that Judge Barrett should take the seat of a true pioneer of women, Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In his short speech, Barrett promised to rule from the bank with strict independence.

“It is a senator’s job to pursue her political preferences. In fact, it would be negligent on its part to neglect political goals. Rather, a judge’s job is to go against your political preferences. It would be negligent if she surrendered to them, ”he said.

“A judge declares their independence not only from Congress and the President, but also from private convictions that could otherwise move them.”

Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, changed course over the weekend, saying she would vote in favor of Barrett’s affirmation despite opposition to filling the post near an election.

Senator Joe Manchin, D-Washington, who voted for the other two Trump Supreme Court candidates, lamented the “deterioration in Senate rules and procedures” in an opinion piece in which he expressed his rejection of Barrett’s endorsement and his “unprecedented “Nature declared.
Barrett could quickly play a pivotal role on the pitch. You cannot vote in cases that have already been negotiated, but after you settle down, you can have a say in the court’s requests for dispute settlement through voting methods.

The court has ruled on motions in several election-related disputes, mostly on the Republican side, on issues such as sidewalk elections in Alabama and witness requests in South Carolina.

“This is one of the most bright, admired, and highly valued candidates of our lives,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Said prior to the vote, adding that Barrett will be the only current judge with a law Confirms completion of “At any school other than Harvard

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