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Sylvia Weinstock, ‘Queen of Cakes,’ dies at 91

Weinstock had baked cakes for Billy Joel, Mariah Carey and Sofía Vergara and appeared on NBC’s “TODAY,” “Gossip Girl” and “Top Chef.”

Sylvia Weinstock, a wedding cake maker, died at her New York home on Monday. He was 91 years old.

A post on Queen Cake’s Instagram page said “the baker, who pioneered the sugar cake business, died peacefully at his home in Tribeca, surrounded by his loving family.”

He has three remaining daughters.

Beginning as an elementary school teacher on Long Island, Weinstock did not begin professional cooking until he was 50 and survived breast cancer.

“I went skiing with my family in 1975. I don’t like skiing, so I cooked,” he told the New York Times in 2019.

When a New York baker who hadn’t made wedding cakes started offering him, a business was born.

She baked cakes for Billy Joel, Mariah Carey and Sofia Vergara, and appeared on NBC’s “TODAY,” “Gossip Girl,” and “Top Chef.”

He was also a welcome judge on the Netflix game “Nailed It” pilot and was called back to review an event this past weekend.

“While Sylvia is popular with her A-list users, everyone who ordered the cake touched on Sylvia’s popularity,” she said in the Instagram post.

The baker with glasses made her glass like a black glass as her signature and marked it on each cake. He hated fondant and worked only on cream cheese and baked over a thousand cakes a year.

“Her signature sweets have been displayed at weddings and celebrations in the United States, Japan, China, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Europe,” the Instagram post said.

“He grew up with happy people to respect for generations, and it was a habit for him to make happy cakes for the couple, their children, and their grandchildren for all the important things of their lives,” he said. the story went on.

Weinstock told the New York Times that his work was a “great pleasure.”

“A lot of people don’t remember food, music or flowers, but they do remember a cake 30 years later,” he said. “I have everyone’s wedding moment to fill my heart.”

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