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Texas police say “puppy thieves” stole US $ 11,500 French bulldogs from the pet store prior to arrest

Two women are charged with a crime in Texas after allegedly attempting to steal about $ 11,500 worth of a puppy.

The women are accused of kidnapping the dog on Monday in the north of Houston city of Petland Woodlands from the Petland Woodlands pet store, police in Shenandoah, Texas said.

Police said the store’s staff immediately called the authorities to report the theft of the French bulldog, Mario. Police announced the arrests on a social media post that began with “Puppy Robbers Will Be Caught”.

Petland confirmed to USA TODAY that the women asked staff to see the 14 week old dog before they left the store with the puppy. Staff told authorities that the women fled in a vehicle with no license plates.

The women were later located by authorities outside an area shopping mall attempting to reattach a license plate to their vehicle. They were arrested on felony theft charges, and Mario was returned safely to the store.

Store manager Andrew Jones told USA TODAY that the dog is worth $11,500. He added that the store has a security system with more than 30 cameras.

“These puppies are like family members to us, so we were just so relieved, so thankful to the Shenandoah Police Department that they were able to recover the dog,” Jones said.

“Mario is happy to be back. He’s always been happy-go-lucky,” Jones said. “He’s doing great.”

Jones said the store’s average price for a French bulldog is approximately $10,000, which can include benefits like training.

Breeding French bulldogs is also an expensive process. Litters of the pups require C-section births, testing and more, Slate reported.


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