China opens the world’s highest hotel with floors two times higher than the Eiffel Tower

A hotel in Shanghai claims to have opened China’s highest hotel in the world’s second tallest skyscraper: The J Hotel Shanghai Tower.

The hotel has top floors inside the Shanghai Tower around 2,000 feet – two times the height of the Eiffel Tower – and is the tallest building in China. 

The J Hotel opened on June 19 and has 165 rooms with 34 suites. A stateroom, the hotel’s cheapest, is more than 650 square feet and offers 24/7 personal butler service, a daily fruit plate and newspaper and a view of the Huangpu River for about $557 per night.

The J Suite, is over 2,000 square feet and features a panoramic living room, sauna, and crystal chandeliers for about $10,467 with similar amenities. The Shanghai Suite, the hotel’s most expensive, is over 4,000 square feet and greets guests with a Chinese phoenix, but the price per night is not shown.

The hotel has a spa, indoor swimming pool and fitness center along with seven different restaurant choices that are in house. 

The J Hotel is owned and operated by Jin Jiang International, a Chinese state-owned hotel and tourist company.

The Gevora Hotel in Dubai still holds the Guinness World record for tallest hotel in the world at 1,169 feet and the J Hotel is unlikely to take the title because it only occupies high floors at the Shanghai Tower.


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