Countries have their own histories, interests, outlooks: US official on India’s stance on Russia

When asked about India's stand on Russia in connection with the Ukraine invasion, a senior US official said that countries have their own histories and interests.

Responding to a question about India not being on board when it comes to condemning Russia over its Ukraine invasion, a senior White House official said President Joe Biden was aware that every country has its own history and interests.

“The President is very aware that countries have their own histories, they have their own interests, they have their own outlooks. Inevitably — and I think it’s true, with all the members of the Quad, there are some differences — the question is how they become — how they’re addressed and how they’re managed,” he added.

“And I think that there is a broad understanding of the fact that what is happening in Ukraine is a serious threat to the international order. I think that the issue is how countries are better able to work together to try and find common ground to address it,” he added.

He also said the differences in history and views help in understanding the Indian perspective. He said, “And I think that the President is very aware that India has its own history, its own views, and that, you know, at the same time, having these kinds of conversations helps him to understand the Indian perspective and, I think, allows India and Prime Minister Modi to understand his own perspective and to look for areas of common ground.”

Earlier, US President Joe Biden had said that among its major allies, India was an exception in its response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Biden termed India’s stand “shaky”.

Not mincing words, Biden said: “The Quad is, with the possible exception of India being somewhat shaky on some of this, but Japan has been extremely strong — so has Australia — in terms of dealing with Putin’s aggression (sic).”

India’s priority has been the safety of its citizens and has focused on the evacuation of Indians from the war-affected areas in Ukraine. On every [platform, India has repeatedly urged peace talks to resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Unlike its Quad partners — Australia, Japan and the United States —India has not imposed any sanctions on Russia and has refused to join votes condemning Moscow at the United Nations.

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