Disney Cruise Line is postponing first test ride due to inconsistent COVID testing among crew

Disney Cruise Line says it is delaying its test cruise on the Disney Dream, which was originally scheduled to depart Tuesday with only crew members on board, due to inconsistent COVID test results.

“We are delaying our simulation unit due to a small number of inconsistent COVID-19 test results that the CDC considers positive,” Disney said in a statement shared by spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez. “The strict health and safety protocols we implemented helped us identify the situation, even though the test results were ultimately negative.”

During routine testing last week, 5 of the Dream’s nearly 600 crew members tested positive for COVID-19. All had been vaccinated, asymptomatic and previously tested negative on several occasions. The crew members retested the next day after speaking with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and they came back negative.

The test drive has not yet been postponed to a specific date.

The CDC did not comment on the situation, spokeswoman Caitlin Shockey told USA TODAY.

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