Putin is trying to obliterate Ukrainian culture, says US President Biden at Quad summit

In his opening remarks at the Quad summit, US President Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to "obliterate Ukrainian culture".

US President Joe Biden’s opening remarks at the second in-person Quad summit in Japan’s Tokyo laid emphasis on the Russia-Ukraine war and the world’s response to the same.”We are navigating a dark hour in our shared history – Russia’s war on Ukraine. It is a humanitarian catastrophe that is more than just a European issue, it’s a global issue. [Russian President] Putin is trying to obliterate Ukrainian culture. He’s not just hitting military targets – they are targeting every school, every church. The world has to deal with this,” he said.

Speaking on the Quad leaders’ role, he said, “US will be a strong, steady and enduring partner in the Indo-Pacific. We are Indo-Pacific powersAs long as Russia continues the war, we are going to be partners and lead a global response.”

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, colloquially the Quad, is a strategic security dialogue between India, Australia, Japan, and the United States.


US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that the Quad partnership had already accomplished a great deal, especially with regard to Covid response and technology supply chains, but still had a lot of work ahead of it.

He said, “Quad partnership is central to achieving our goals. We stay together for the shared values and vision we have. The Quad has a lot of work ahead of us to keep this region peaceful and stable and address the climate crisis.”He concluded, “Quad means business – I am proud of what we’re building together.”

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